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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Return of Chopped Liver (Or... What a Difference a Year Makes!)

Where to begin?

For new readers, how about here: Hi, I'm Becky, and when it comes to living donor issues and the potential and compassion living donation represents, and to my brother Joe, I am about as passionate as it gets. You've stumbled on the blog I created in November 2005 as I prepared for the journey of giving a portion of my liver to Joe in 2006. I kept it going throughout that experience, and hope that if my story interests you, you'll poke around for a while. My favorite entries are listed in a section of links at right; you might begin there. Or at the very beginning - I hear it's a very good place to start.

For my faithful readers, I have a lot to catch you up on, most notably:

* Joe, sadly, is back on the transplant list in Memphis, TN. Our liver is failing and he's suffering, but we are ever hopeful that we'll find a liver that will give him another five years, and hopefully many more. Nonetheless, I'm running through the full range of emotions, landing all too often at anger and grief. And Joe? He never ceases to amaze me. His tenacity, courage, and heart through all of this are constant reminders of what "grace" looks like in human form. I will be blogging here about this new chapter in our journey, starting today. Keep him in your thoughts!

* The Greatest Gift Foundation is no more. It was wonderful, we made a difference, we really tried. For those of you who were supporters, please know that while we were up and running, we impacted the lives of hundreds of potential donors and transplant recipients. But in the end, we lacked the resources to give our constituents the service they deserved, or to be able to continue making sufficient progress on the issues to justify asking for our donors' dollars.

* The blog from GGF is still live, and still has so much great information -- relevant, informational, inspirational. I'll keep it running in an effort to keep the GGF's mission alive.

Thanks for stopping by, and watch for much more now that we're back in transplant land.


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