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Friday, December 09, 2005

Filling time with more Q&A

Ho-hum, we wait. No firm date has been established for our surgery, despite the transplant team's promises to give us a date this week, so we're still planning on "mid-January" as instructed last Friday. I haven't posted for a while because there's nothing new to tell, but after fielding several questions from you all, I'm happy to fill the time with another round of Q&A:

Are you scared yet?
Getting there. I suppose my brain's subconscious self-preservation mode has kicked in, because I find it strangely tough to linger on any thoughts about pain, risk of serious complications, and mortality. I try, but just can't concentrate. Everyone's questions and willingness to let me talk their ears off has helped immensely. And there's Christmas to occupy me, too. I imagine that after the holidays the real battle with fear will begin.

How long will you be out of work?
Two months.

Are you taking any classes this spring?
I registered for two B-term classes (negotiations and a strategy elective), and it's highly likely I'll be able to take them. I also registered for ops management, just in case Joe gets a cadaver organ between now and the surgery date and this whole thing gets called off. I'll drop it if the surgery takes place.

Do you have to do anything special to prepare?
Liver calisthenics, daily. Kidding. There's really nothing I have to do, healthwise. I've cut way back on drinking, I'm off all meds, and I'm eating well. I'm also learning to knit, so I can make a blanket while I'm sitting around. I'm working on a health care directive and setting up durable power of attorney forms, stuff like that.

How's Joe?
He's okay. I haven't seen him in a few weeks, but my dad says the family's spirits are up since the uncertainty of whether I could donate has been replaced by a green light. I can relate. My own mood is vastly improved.

And Larry?
Don't know. Haven't seen him. Ha!


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