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Friday, June 09, 2006

The latest on Joe

I have a new least favorite word: Stricture. (n. An abnormal narrowing of a bodily passage.) Joe has been suffering some set-backs for the past few weeks -- he's jaundiced again, grappling with internal and external drains, and in a lot of pain -- due to strictures in his hepatic artery and bile duct, in both cases located right about where my tubes were sewed to his.

The good news is there's nothing life threatening going on, but the bad news is it's not good health, and it'll further postpone his return to work. Ugh. His condition at any given time does not impact my overall warm attitude about donating, but my frustration is definitely building over the fact that he's not zooming along a rosy trajectory toward life the way it was before PSC.

I'm heading to Chicago today to stay with him for a few days, just to help around the house.

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