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Friday, October 27, 2006

More on Kailey Simmons

I am ages overdue for updating you all on Kailey and her donor, who has written me with infectious enthusiasm about how great he feels and how wonderfully the recipient of his sturdy liver tissue is doing. It is excellent news, indeed -- Canada's A-Channel News ran a television segment that's available for viewing online. (Click "dial up" or "highspeed" in the rectangular box that says "click here to get the video story.")

Having followed this story since the anonymous donor first contacted me several weeks ago, I didn't think the video would touch me as much as it did -- I nearly cried seeing Kailey smiling and her mother talking about how thankful she is to have her baby home. M, I'm so amazed and inspired by your gift and your attitude!


  • Wonderful to see you've posted this video as I've wanted to keep up on this story. I am the father of a 6 month old with Biliary Atresia who got a new liver courtsey of my younger brother last Thurs! Kailey's donor responded to a post on the Liver Families website. He directed us to your site for additional info and allowed us to get on the phone and ask about his experience so that my brother and parents were well informed. Many thanks to both of you for sharing your experience for us all to benifit from.

    By Blogger Christian, at 7:44 PM  

  • Christian, congratulations on the successful transplant to you and all your family! I have come to value so much the benefits of being able to share our experiences with each other as a community. I hope both your child and brother continue to recover well and that you'll stay tuned as this site evolves into a new non-profit online Web site to help make finding these kinds of connections easier for people who are going through this. Thanks for writing!!

    By Blogger Becky, at 7:03 PM  

  • Believe it or not I'm a relatively tech savey person and this is the first time I've blogged so I'm glad to see you got my message. Speaking of information share - my brother has also documented his experience on this website. We had the procedure done at UCLA and he was able to convince one of the nurses to take pictures of the surgery. I had no idea but most of the people we've worked with during the process (transplant coordinator etc) have never even seen photos so they were excited about it. The site is a little rough around the edges and caution as some of the photos are graphic but you can view them here:

    By Blogger Christian, at 11:59 AM  

  • Glad you found the site and photo's useful. Wanted to mention most of our family is from the good state of MN. Evan is being brought up in a strict Vikings family and he'll be watching tomorrow night :0)

    By Blogger Christian, at 5:10 PM  

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