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Sunday, February 18, 2007

All my love on Organ Donation Day

I just learned belatedly that I have the best reason ever for no longer hating Valentine's Day. February 14, it turns out, is Organ Donation Day! So to all of you, my love and big candy hearts!

Even sweeter, I'll wrap up some interesting links for you in a nice red bow:

The International Association for Organ Donation is having its annual gala and convention on April 19-20 in Detroit. This organization's goal is to promote organ donation registry, with a focus on U.S. minority ethnic communities that are most in need of organs -- Arab/Chaldean, African, Asian and Hispanic American communities. According to IAOD's Web site, it is second only to the Secretary of State in enrolling organ donors to the State [MI] registry.
Another interesting link I've (unbelievably) just discovered is, which offers "access to U.S. government information on Organ & Tissue Donation and Transplantation." Well, then! Like the IAOD above, the site recognizes and calls out our specific shortage of minority donors. I'll add it to the permalinks at right.


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