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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Meet my feline alter ego

Another sign of Joe's continued recovery: He welcomed home two lovely, long-haired black cats today, three-year-old brothers he just adopted from a shelter. You may have already picked up about Joe that he is 1) funny; 2) a rabid, purist Seinfeld fan; and 3) eager to pay tribute to me, his trusty liver donor, in as many intensely personal, meaningful ways possible. Combinining all these characteristics, he named the cats accordingly.

Little Becky Waller
Pictured here is Little Becky. He's the shyer of the two. At first glance the sweet, perfect name is an obvious homage to me, but Joe's fellow rabid, purist Seinfeld fans will immediately recognize the nod to Kramer, too, from the episode "The Little Jerry," original air date 12/19/96:

JERRY: Is that your "chicken" making all that noise?

KRAMER: Oh, Jerry loves the morning.


KRAMER: Little Jerry Seinfeld. I named my chicken after you.

JERRY: Thanks, that's very sweet, but that is not a chicken.

KRAMER: Of course it is. I picked it out myself.

JERRY: Well, you picked out a rooster.

KRAMER: Well, that would explain Little Jerry's poor egg production.

The other cat has been named Soda Costanza. "Seven" was already taken, I guess.


  • Mom and Dad say:

    Reasons to celebrate:
    1. Joe is fun to be around (always was --- even through the worst)
    2. Becky is beautiful --- inside and out (always has been ---)
    3. Neither of them is living with us any more (not that we didn't love every minute when they were)
    4. All you wonderful people provided support, caring, and love. We learned a lot about how to be a friend from you. Thank you!
    5. And, oh yah, the cat thing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:51 AM  

  • Becky, me alegra saber que todo va bien contigo y con Joe. Recibe un fuerte abrazo.


    By Anonymous Karla, at 10:22 PM  

  • So is it bad luck to have "big" Becky cross your path?

    By Anonymous your pal Brett, at 10:48 AM  

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