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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't blame my hepatocytes...

...for the lack of posts recently. I may have been slacking, but those little suckers have been working overtime, and according to my untrained diagnosis upon reviewing my late-April MRI images, I have a full-grown liver again! The shape and placement are wildly off, but the docs say it takes about nine months for the organ to find its way back to its normal neighborhood and smoothiness.

I plan to post shortly some individual before-and-after MRI images because, well, the Web lets me. In the meantime, the more curious among you may enjoy this little gem: Northwestern Memorial Hospital has posted a video for live donors, a great introduction for people who are thinking about pursuing the option from either the donor or the recipient side. I don't believe I'm in the video. But then, I was under heavy sedation for a great deal of my time at NMH...

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