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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catching up

My world started spinning three times faster a few weeks ago, and I haven't been thrown off yet but I did have to take a little blog hiatus. In the meantime I've heard from many of you, with good news and bad, and am eager to catch up. (Note how many times I use the word "inspire" or a variation thereof in the next few paragraphs. I love this community -- you people are awesome!)

* Brent, who's been in touch with me for a while now, wrote to say that he learned he was declined as a donor for his father-in-law due to medical reasons. He's the first person I've corresponded with during pre-donation testing who was rejected, so I'm taking his disappointment surprisingly personally. But he continues to inspire -- he's launching a photo project where every day next year he'll take a photo of one stranger on the street and ask that person about whether they are an organ donor, etc., and he'll be posting his results online. The purpose, besides being quite interesting in its own right, is to spread the word about the importance of organ donation. I love it! He's also keeping us up to date on his own life and the ongoing search for a donor at his blog, CausalEffect. His father-in-law has taken a turn for the worse, so join me in hoping for the best for the whole family.

* Colleen, a mom from Florida, wrote to introduce me to her inspiring group, 3-Day Mom, a group of moms from all over the country who walked the Breast Cancer 3-Day this year (and, from the sounds of it, plan to keep on walking). The group's blog fills you in on the race and what you can do to help, even now that the event is over and the countdown to October 2007's event has just begun. Way to walk, ladies!

* Mike, our happy and healthy source of inspiration from Canada who donated to little infant Kailey Simmons, says with excitement that he's very close to getting to meet Kailey and her family for the first time. I'm beginning to think Mike may be a living guardian angel to me. It seems his enthusiastic and optimistic emails always arrive on the days I need them most.

* One reader asked how my scar looks now that I'm nearing the one-year anniversary date of the transplant. I'm begging Mom and Dad for a digital camera for Christmas this year, and if they come through, I'll take a pic and show you that way. But to describe it in a word, the scar is "MINIMAL." Seriously, it is smooth, not very puffy, and not very red. I have 100% feeling in the area -- I heard reports that it could be numb or tingle from time to time, but haven't experienced that a bit. In fact, it's nearly flattering.... the scar runs perfectly vertical down the middle of my torso, so from a distance it just makes me look like my abs are a little more ripped! And of course, when I look at it, or feel it, I remember Joe and the whole experience, and I swell with pride and faith in miracles, so it's a part of me I wouldn't give up for the world.

More soon... I've got lots of news to post in the coming days!

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