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Thursday, December 29, 2005

What I have in common with the depths of the Bradford freezer

Many of you have passed along goodies about livers -- New Yorker cartoons, quirky news tidbits from wire services, links to blogs and other Web sites -- and they've all been good for a smile if not a giggle. But nothing yet has matched a hilarious email that Colleen recently sent me. She warned that rogue organ-for-money harvesters might catch wind of my donation and try to buy my liver out from under Joe. To help me fend off such scoundrels, she sent a photo of an ancient item her sister dug out from the depths of the Brad-Z Ranch freezer. "Note that this liver is clearly marked 'Not for Sale.' Should you do something similar?" Well done, Colleen. I've scrawled this on my belly in black Sharpie.


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